Reflections on Intercultural Learning in Higher Education
Mindfulness for Intercultural Learning, Part I Aug 30, 2017

One topic that’s come up a lot lately in my trainings that I find people are very eager to learn more about is mindfulness. In this blog post—part one of a two-part series on mindfulness—I discuss what mindfulness is and why it’s an important component of intercultural...

The #1 Thing You Can Do to Help Students Navigate Cultural Differences Jul 25, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you can better help your students navigate cultural differences (at home or abroad)? I’ve been asked this question by many educators, and my answer often surprises them.

Without hesitation, I would encourage you to first focus not on your students’ learning,...

​Getting Beyond the Comfort Zone Jun 22, 2017

Update: True North Intercultural now offers a FREE online training on this very topic! It comes with a useful activity and ideas of how you can use or adapt the activity in your context. Click here to enroll in the course now.

I likely never would have met my spouse if I had not consistently...

Creating Inclusive Communities for Transgender Students (at home and abroad) May 23, 2017

I’m always telling educators that if we want to effectively facilitate students’ intercultural learning, we need to focus on our own intercultural development. In that vein, I try to seek out opportunities to expand my own perspectives. So when I recently met grey doolin, a transqueer...

Is the SIIC Fellows Program Right for Me? Apr 11, 2017

Every year around this time, I am contacted by several people interested in applying to the Fellows Program at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) who want to ask me about my experience in the program.
My intention with this blog post is to share some insider...

Starting a Faculty/Staff Intercultural Book Club (Professional Development on a Budget!) Mar 28, 2017

Recently, I have received several requests for book recommendations from educators interested in organizing faculty/staff book clubs or similar, so I’ve decided to address the question here.
Developing a faculty/staff book club, or organizing some type of lunch-and-learn around a...

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