Helping Educators Navigate Cultural Differences & Facilitate Intercultural Learning

True North Intercultural provides training, tools, and support to empower faculty, staff, and institutions of higher education to more effectively and appropriately navigate cultural differences and help students learn and grow through intercultural learning experiences (abroad and at home).

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Research and experience demonstrate that exposure to—even immersion in—another culture is not sufficient to increase students’ intercultural competence.

In order to help students make the most of intercultural learning opportunities—at home and abroad—faculty, staff, and institutions of higher education need to be intentional about actively facilitating such learning.

However, almost no one knows how to do so effectively.

But I do. And I want to help you learn how.

Hi! My name is Tara Harvey.

I've been in the field of international education since 2000, and specifically focused on how to maximize the learning and growth inherent in intercultural experiences since 2006, when I began Ph.D. studies to explore this question.

In addition to working in language learning, international student services, and study abroad, I’ve designed and/or taught intercultural courses at the University of Minnesota, Middlebury Institute for International Studies, and through CIEE (the Council on International Exchange). As Academic Director of Intercultural Learning at CIEE, I was responsible for developing intercultural curricula for the world-wide study abroad programs, as well as training, coaching, and supporting the resident staff around the world in how to facilitate intercultural learning.

In 2016, following many requests from universities to provide similar training for their faculty and staff, I started True North Intercultural.

The mission of True North Intercultural is to provide training, mentorship, resources, and support to help busy, purpose-driven educators learn how to more effectively and appropriately navigate cultural differences and help their students do the same.  

You are no doubt very experienced and knowledgeable in your given field, area, or discipline. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to helping students navigate cultural differences effectively or appropriately. Plus, you’re busy!

My goal is to help you cut through all the information, identify what’s most important, develop your own intercultural competence, and provide you with clear frameworks to more effectively design and facilitate intercultural learning among your students and colleagues.

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