Professional Development for Intercultural Teaching & Learning

Helping faculty and staff navigate cultural differences and facilitate intercultural learning—at home and abroad—to create more inclusive classrooms, campuses, and communities.

Want to build intercultural competence at your college, university, or higher education organization?

Does this sound familiar?

Your institution has a mission, vision statement, or strategic plan that refers to developing intercultural competence, cultural competence, global citizenship, cultural fluency, or similar. But it’s unclear how exactly that goal will be accomplished (it might even be unclear just exactly what that means).

Or maybe it is clear: the focus is on sending more students abroad and/or recruiting a diverse student body.

But you know that’s not enough. Simply bringing people into contact with cultural difference is not going to magically make this a more inclusive, equitable world.

You know the institution needs to do more and you’d like to help lead the way. But how?!

If this sounds familiar, True North Intercultural can help.

Intercultural competence can no longer be viewed as a ‘nice to have’ skill in our world. It is a ‘must have.’

We all need to better understand and appreciate the complex cultural differences that exist in the world, and be able to engage effectively and appropriately across these differences.

That means our educational institutions need to get serious about fostering intercultural development. This work must include developing the intercultural competence of faculty, staff, and leaders, not just students.

My name is Tara Harvey, and I started True North Intercultural in 2016 to help meet this need. We provide in-person and online professional development to help educators (faculty, administrators, staff, and leadership) and institutions of higher education develop their capacity to better navigate cultural diversity and facilitate intercultural learning.

What Are You Looking For?

“Through this examination of trends and looking to the future of higher education, it becomes clear that there is a particular need for the integration of intercultural competence—the process of being able to communicate and act effectively and appropriately across cultures—in order for students to succeed in solving global problems and actualizing the goals of education.”

- AIEA Report for the UNESCO Futures of Education Initiative, Spring 2021: Global Learning and Intercultural Competence as Imperatives for the Future of Higher Education: Reducing Inequities and Creating Effective Global Problem-Solvers


The following are just a few institutions and organizations that True North Intercultural has had the privilege of partnering with on their intercultural learning journey.