A strategy session for higher education professionals committed to fostering intercultural competence and building more inclusive campuses and communities.

hosted by Tara Harvey, Ph.D.

The focus of the next Intercultural Leadership Forum is: 

Intercultural Learning Before, During & After Study Abroad


In higher education, intercultural learning is often assumed to be synonymous with—or an automatic outcome of—study abroad or study away. But research and experience now indicate that these types of experiences need to be coupled with intentional facilitation to help participants consistently develop their intercultural competence. So what are you and your institution doing to intentionally facilitate students’ intercultural development before, during, and after study abroad? What’s working? What challenges are you experiencing? Come explore these questions with other educators involved in similar work, and leave with new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration.

Thursday, July 27th
12:00 – 1:00pm CDT

1:00pm Eastern | 11:00am Mountain | 10:00am Pacific

Looking to build intercultural capacity at your college, university, or higher education organization?

If you’re like the educators and institutions I work with, you see the need and value of helping students—as well as faculty and staff—learn to better navigate cultural differences. Your institutional mission, vision, or strategic plan may even emphasize its importance.

But you may be wondering, what now? How do we actually go about accomplishing this massive goal?

You might be asking yourself questions such as:

  • What does building intercultural capacity mean, exactly?
  • Where do we even start?
  • How do we get buy-in from other stakeholders on campus?
  • How do we know if what we’re doing is working?

I work every day with educators and institutions who want to develop their intercultural capacity and graduate students prepared to thrive in this increasingly diverse and complex world. And I know this can feel like an incredibly ambitious and ambiguous goal.

That’s why I invite you to join me and other educators grappling with these same issues at the next Intercultural Leadership Forum.

You'll have a chance to connect with others doing this work and gain new insights as you move toward your intercultural goals.

Thursday, July 27th
12:00 – 1:00pm CDT

1:00pm Eastern | 11:00am Mountain | 10:00am Pacific

This event is free — please register to receive information about how to join.