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Are you looking for a partner to help build intercultural capacity at your institution?

True North Intercultural will work directly with your university, organization, or department to design and facilitate a training program to fit your intercultural teaching and learning goals and budget.

Or are you an educator looking for professional development for yourself?

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What Educators Are Saying...

“This [Facilitating Intercultural Learning] is, without a doubt, the most impressive professional development course I've ever taken.”

– Jennifer Walrod
Director of Global Education at The Harker School

“The balance of instruction and activity was really nice. I felt like I was learning or re-learning all day and challenged at just the right level. I appreciate your willingness to engage with all of the participants' questions, even the tough ones. It speaks highly of your professionalism and thorough knowledge on this subject. Thanks!”

– Anonymous Faculty Participant
Augsburg University Workshop

“Tara designed and customized an accessible training program that provided self-reflection, enough theory and specific strategies to demonstrate its value and immediate impact. In fact, most faculty reported they used their new knowledge in their diverse classrooms in the following week.”

– Sarah Spencer
Director of Study Abroad, University of St. Thomas