New Free Resource for 2022!

Jan 11, 2022

Every month for almost five years now (five years – seriously?!) I’ve been writing and sharing a blog post related to intercultural teaching and learning in higher education. To kick off 2022, in lieu of an article, I am very excited to share with you a brand-new free training:  

It's my hope that this free online resource can help increase understanding, interest, and buy-in around intercultural learning in higher education. Because I’m on a mission to help all educators learn to better navigate cultural differences, create more inclusive communities, and integrate intercultural learning into their work.

As Daryl G. Smith writes in Diversity's Promise for Higher Education:

“Higher education must play a critical role if we are to achieve the promise of our democracy: developing a pluralistic society that works. Although few of us have lived or worked in such a setting, this is one of the foremost challenges of our day.”

This new training includes three short, yet informative videos focused on:

  • WHY building intercultural competence is so important in higher education today
  • WHAT intercultural competence is (and isn't) and what developing it entails
  • HOW to begin building intercultural competence at your institution or organization

It also includes Field Notes, an eight-page downloadable PDF that contains a summary of key ideas and relevant resources for each video, plus reflection questions that can be used to facilitate a discussion on your campus or for personal reflection.

I encourage you to not only go through the training yourself, but to share it with colleagues and start a conversation about how you can build intercultural competence at your institution/organization and prepare your students to develop and lead a pluralistic society that works!

Click below to learn more and register for “Interculturally Competent U: The What, Why & How of Building Intercultural Competence in Higher Education.”

{learn more & register for the free training}

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