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In this fully asynchronous introductory course, you'll learn key concepts, theories, and pedagogy to help you better facilitate transformative intercultural learning experiences.


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In this ten-week online professional development program, you will learn to better understand and navigate cultural differences, facilitate others’ intercultural learning, and become a more effective and inspired educator.


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Help your learners move beyond their comfort zone and make the most of their intercultural and experiential learning opportunities!


"I’ve been in the field for quite some time, but [this program] forced me to step back and revisit the work and gave me a real energy to start thinking about new and varied ways we could be approaching international and multicultural work, seeing it differently and more expansively."

Moya Marks
Head of Upper School, The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida

"I have so enjoyed this course and I do not want it to end (even though I know the learning will continue - best takeaway). I have loved having a space for reflection and dialogue (...). I have been distance learning and grad-schooling-it for a year now in my off hours, and the distance learning in this course certainly filled me up far more than my other course work this semester. Thank you, has been a refreshing and inspiring learning venture. "

Cyan Corwine
Coordinator of International Education, Alfred State, State University of New York College of Technology

"This is my first online class and I got so much out of it. I was hoping to come away with a beginning framework of intercultural communication, and I feel like I definitely got that and more. "

Sally Steindorf
Professor & Chair of Global Studies Department, Principia College

"This is the eighth time I’ve started an online course and this is the ONLY one I’ve finished. [...] [The Foundations of Intercultural Learning & Teaching program] sets the bar for expansion and enrichment."

Tommy Vorst
Chief Mindset Officer, Faculty of International Business, Avans Hogeschool, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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