Intercultural Learning:

Maximizing Global Education

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

2:00pm Eastern | 1:00pm Central | 12:00pm Mountain | 11:00am Pacific

with Brooke Roberts of Inside Study Abroad & Tara Harvey, Ph.D., of True North Intercultural

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Would you like to help students make the most of their global education experiences?

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You'll learn...


What intercultural learning is (and isn't)


Why intercultural learning is important

So What?

How intercultural learning relates to global education


Two frameworks for fostering intercultural learning

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Tara Harvey, Founder of True North Intercultural.

I've been in the field of global and intercultural education for 20+ years. I’ve worked in practically every area—language learning, international student services, study abroad—in both administrative and teaching roles, and for universities as well as an international program provider. 

I’m passionate about the potential of global education, but I also know that it often falls short of its potential. Join me in this free workshop to explore how intercultural learning can help you and your students maximize global education opportunities.