Are you looking to increase intercultural capacity at your college, university, or higher education organization?

What if you had a team of skilled faculty and staff who could serve as intercultural leaders and trainers on your campus? 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Your institution has a mission statement, vision, or strategic plan that refers to something such as internationalization, intercultural competence, global learning, cultural humility, or similar, but it’s unclear how exactly that goal will be accomplished.

Or maybe it is clear: the focus is on sending more students abroad and/or recruiting more international students.

But YOU know that’s not enough. 

✔ The international students on your campus are not really interacting with local students and vice versa.

✔ Many study abroad participants are not engaging with their host community.

✔ Your faculty and staff do not represent the diversity of your student body, and oftentimes don’t know how to best support students from different cultural backgrounds.

So no, sending more students abroad and recruiting more international students is not enough.

Simply bringing people into contact with cultural difference is not going to magically make this a more inclusive, equitable world.

You know the institution needs to do more and you’d like to lead the way. But you also know you can’t do it alone.

You recognize that producing more interculturally competent students starts by building intercultural capacity among the faculty and staff. But how do you do that?!

After all, you’re busy! Not to mention you’re not an intercultural trainer.

If this sounds familiar, True North Intercultural can help.

Imagine having a team of skilled faculty and staff who are able to not only help you spread the word about the importance of intentionally facilitating intercultural development, but also train and support their peers to do so effectively. . . 

The True North Intercultural Philosophy

In order to help educators become effective intercultural leaders and trainers on your campus, we focus on three areas:


Understanding key intercultural concepts and theories


Developing our own intercultural competence


Learning to facilitate others’ intercultural development

Partner with True North Intercultural to build intercultural capacity on your campus in a sustainable way.

I’ll work with you to design and facilitate a customized training + coaching program that will prepare a team of faculty and staff to serve as intercultural leaders and facilitators at your institution.

Such capacity-building programs typically include a combination of several or all of the following, depending upon your goals and budget:

✔  Online training

✔  Small group coaching

✔  1:1 coaching

✔  The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment & 1:1 debriefs

✔  On-campus workshops

✔  Access to time-saving curricular materials

✔  A supportive online community 

Intercultural capacity-building programs are designed to develop participants’ intercultural competence, teach them how to design and facilitate intercultural learning, and provide ongoing support and feedback as they begin implementing.

Through participating in an intercultural capacity-building program, educators become intercultural leaders and trainers, helping you implement your institutional goals.


Want to learn more?

Are you a higher education leader interested in developing intercultural capacity at your institution? Schedule a call to discuss how True North Intercultural can help!


Building intercultural capacity at your institution can help you...

Attract and retain amazing faculty and staff who can effectively and appropriately support a diverse study body.

Help faculty and staff integrate intercultural learning or a global perspective into their teaching/work.

Recruit and retain more international students, and any students who want to feel seen and appreciated for who they are, by fostering a more inclusive climate.

Improve the intercultural learning experiences that you offer (at home and abroad) and outcomes for all involved.

Increase buy-in around your institution’s interculturally-related goals.

Meet the Facilitator:
Tara Harvey, Ph.D.

An experienced international educator who deeply understands how to facilitate transformative learning and growth through intercultural experiences.

If you’re on this page, you likely already know a bit about me. I have broad experience in the field of international education (I’ve taught English abroad and worked in both study abroad and international student services) and a deep understanding of the process of intercultural development and how to facilitate it (I’ve taught courses, conducted research, and provided coaching and training to other intercultural educators). For more information about my background, click here.

I’ve spent years training and supporting faculty and staff to effectively facilitate others’ intercultural learning. And I want to help you develop a team of leaders who can do the same at your institution or organization.

But I don’t just teach educators how to do it; I support them throughout the process so that they feel confident and competent as they navigate the journey. Because knowing how to facilitate others’ intercultural learning is not the same as actually doing it well.

So if you’re ready to get started building intercultural capacity at your institution, I’d like to help.

Want to learn more?

Are you a higher education leader interested in developing intercultural capacity at your institution? Schedule a call to discuss how True North Intercultural can help!


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