Beyond the Comfort Zone

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Would You Like to Help Students Make the Most of Intercultural Learning Experiences?

Learn how in this FREE online course, "Beyond the Comfort Zone"! You'll better understand how to help your learners move beyond their comfort zone and make the most of their intercultural and experiential learning opportunities!

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Who's This For?

This training is for any educator who:

  • Leads study abroad or domestic intercultural immersion experiences.
  • Works with international students on your campus.
  • Is involved with other types of experiential learning.
  • Would like to incorporate more intercultural and/or experiential learning opportunities into your work as an educator.

What's Included?

This training includes everything you need to start pushing your students (and yourself) beyond their comfort zones and helping them learn and grow as much as possible through any type of intercultural experience, whether at home or abroad:

  • Three Videos:
    • Lesson 1: Understanding Challenge & Support Theory
    • Lesson 2: From Theory to Practice
    • Lesson 3: Activities for Moving Beyond the Comfort Zone
  • Beyond the Comfort Zone Activity & Facilitation Guide
  • Beyond the Comfort Zone Student Handout

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"Tara has a very unique way of explaining the most complex topics so that anyone at any level of their intercultural development can understand. "

Jennifer Gutierrez
Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Wofford College

"I feel I learned exactly what I needed to put theory into practice."

Kara F. Medeiros, Ph.D.
Professor, Worcester State University

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